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With exclusive services and an outstanding reputation, we have made a mark in the banqueting industry.

With a perfect amalgamation of rich heritage and soothing ambience, your wedding is customised to make it one of your dreams. We also provide exquisite floral and non-floral décor arrangements, a varied choice of Indian and International menus, specialized bars and much more which can be found nowhere else.

Soulful Entertainment

 Our elegant venues provide the best services for your entertainment so that you leave happy and satisfied. Our customised music, live DJ’s, musical bands, celebrity performances and dance entertainers will make your wedding cheerful and exuberant.

Our meticulous event planning, valet and butler services will help your wedding go seamlessly. Finally, with the architectural splendour, floral décor and extravagant bridal entries, we give the idyllic feel of a majestic destination wedding.

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Here at Rosella, we endeavor to make your big day as special as it can be, by rendering you the best and most flawless services you will find anywhere. Our supportive and welcoming staff will ensure that your wedding goes smoothly.

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